Drow Notes

Zarzumat Servitor points: 77
Safan Domvesia
Orvignato – teach him a lesson
n the city, on the plateau of Arshyrvhar near
the Pale Market, lies an unseemly den of debauchees known
as ‘Venom Kiss.’ The place has a passphrase for entry—my sources tell me the
current one is ‘Sh’blu sent me. The phrase changes often—
you might wish to make haste to Venom Kiss
bring me back any maps you should find



Great Houses

  • Azrinae
  • Dolour
    • Man-catchers/trackers
  • Rasivrein
    • Industry
  • Tracinoa
    • Controls the water
  • Vexidyre
    • Has a hand in every pocket, master traders
    • Matron Ulavakasa
    • Regulates the trade
  • Vonnarc
    • Mystery, black cloaked mages. They seek greater, even more depraved arcane secrets. Rumoured with the aid of Azrinae and demons, have discovered how to corrupt the elf gates.

Lesser Houses

  • Caldrana
    • City’s only male leader
    • Patron Zov, wields a gigantic Greataxe named Char
    • Rumored possessed by a demon, Flauros
  • Misraria
    • worshippers of Nocticula, demon queen of darkness
    • Spies and assassins everywhere
    • Matron Zovina seeks to have a female heir, but keeps having males
  • Moivas
    • Vermin lord, controls the beasts of the city
  • Parastric
    • Only noble house without a palace within the city
    • Insane alchemists merge mad alchemy to warp flesh
    • Creates driders and fleshwarps
    • Nearly all scions bear some fleshwarping
    • Matron Astranovidova (Beautiful), has a drider daughter
  • Sardavic
    • center of artistic debauchery
    • Matron Sarlotta, performs spectacles upon stage
  • Udrinor
    • More than simple farmers, controls spread of edible fungi, also disposes of bodies

Drow Notes

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